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Understanding Criminal Appeal

If you’ve been convicted of a criminal offence, you can appeal the decision to a higher court for review, provided you have valid grounds. This includes appealing the conviction or the sentence received, or even both.

While some appeals are granted automatically, others may require the court’s permission. Additionally, the Crown might also initiate an appeal in your case. Remember that there are strict timelines for filing an appeal, so acting promptly is essential.

How Can I Appeal My Case?

If you wish to appeal your conviction, sentence, or both, you have the right to do so. The process begins by:

  • Filing a Notice of Appeal – we provide expert assistance in drafting and submitting this crucial document.
  • If you are currently incarcerated, you can file an Inmate Notice of Appeal, which is obtainable from a guard or your parole officer.

Don’t hesitate to take action, as seeking an appeal within the appropriate timelines is crucial. Let GSP Law work towards seeking justice for your case.

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Gagan Pannu is an experienced Criminal Appeal Lawyer in Toronto. With years of experience and a strong commitment to protecting your rights by appealing a wrongful judgment.

What Differentiates an Appeal from a Trial?

In contrast to a trial, an appeal focuses on examining whether any errors occurred during the original trial process. If a successful appeal is achieved, it often leads to a new trial, providing an opportunity for your case to be heard fairly.

We excel at identifying trial errors and presenting your case persuasively to the court. This significantly increases the likelihood of a favorable outcome in the appellate process.

Why Do You Need an Appellate Lawyer?

An experienced appellate lawyer excels in reviewing cases for appeal and knows what to look for.
Two critical areas of focus during the appeal process involve actions taken by the trial judge:

  • Scrutinizing the trial judge’s instructions to the jury for any potential misguidance that could lead to a successful appeal.
  • Examining the evidence allowed or excluded by the judge as improper handling of evidence can be grounds for a successful appeal.

A favorable appeal outcome can lead to an acquittal or a new trial, and we possess the expertise, knowledge, and resources necessary for success in this complex and specialized area of law.

Can I Appeal My Sentence?

Absolutely! If your sentence appears excessively lengthy or the conditions imposed seem unduly harsh, you have the right to appeal against your sentence. This can be pursued independently of whether you are also appealing your conviction.

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If you have been charged wrongfully, it is important to contact experienced legal counsel. GSP Law can assist you in navigating the legal system. We will help you develop a defence that has favorable outcome.

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  • Professional and Knowledgeable to defend all clients no matter what charge and at all court levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Law Appeals:

An appeal is a legal process where a higher court reviews a lower court's decision based on perceived judge errors. The appellant initiates the appeal, and the appellee responds. The higher court examines the trial record and corrects any mistakes.

A conviction appeal focuses on challenging the outcome of a criminal trial, aiming to prove innocence or highlight errors in the verdict. On the other hand, a sentence appeal targets the punishment imposed by the court on the convicted individual, seeking a reduction or modification of the penalty.

A summary conviction appeal evaluates the trial judge's decision in minor cases like domestic assault, impaired driving, theft under $5,000, and similar matters.

Indictable appeals occur when you appeal a trial or sentence from either the District or Supreme Court. Choosing to appeal to the District Court is typically a simpler process than appealing to the Court of Criminal Appeal if you have been convicted and sentenced in the Local Court.

The time limits to appeal vary by jurisdiction and the type of case. It's crucial to check the specific rules in your jurisdiction to ensure timely filing.

Yes, in some cases, you may be eligible to apply for bail while your appeal is pending. The court will consider various factors before granting bail.

Depending on the circumstances and jurisdiction, certain court orders, such as driving prohibitions, may be eligible for suspension during the appeal process.

The steps in an appeal generally include:

  • Filing the appeal
  • Exchanging legal arguments
  • Attending hearings
  • Awaiting the court's decision.

A factum is a formal document that outlines the legal arguments and facts presented to the court during the appeal process.

During an appeal, new evidence is usually not allowed unless it meets certain requirements, such as being directly relevant to the case and discovered recently.

The possible outcomes of an appeal include:

  • Upholding the original decision
  • Overturning the decision
  • Ordering a new trial
  • Modifying the sentence or ruling

Criminal appeals require specialized expertise, and not all criminal attorneys are well-equipped to handle them effectively. Meanwhile, GSP Law has:

  • Demonstrated history of successfully overturning convictions and securing sentence reductions.
  • One of the few criminal law firms in Brampton, Ontario, with significant appellate experience.
  • Mr. Pannu's expertise spans various matters, from drinking and driving to large drug cases, with a focus on individual client needs.
  • Achieved successful appeals for offences like murder, manslaughter, robbery, sexual assault, and more.
  • Success stems from meticulous attention to detail, creative strategies, and an unwavering work ethic.

Important Professional Disclaimer:

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Accordingly, we encourage you to consult a professional to provide you with legal advice fit for your case before taking any action based upon such information.

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