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With proven success and unwavering dedication, GSP Law is the reliable ally you need to navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system. Don’t leave your future to chance! Call Gagan Pannu today for honest, dedicated, and effective legal representation.

Providing Legal Representation to Clients Facing Criminal Charges Within the City of North York

For clients facing criminal charges in North York, GSP Law is the experienced and skilled legal representation you need. With a proven track record of success, GSP delivers unparalleled legal services at all court levels.

As a reputable local criminal defence attorney, we’re committed to safeguarding your future with skill and dedication. Choose GSP Law for trusted legal representation in North York.

Gagan Pannu - Best Criminal Defence Lawyer in Markham
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Gagan Pannu B.A. LL. B, Barrister and Solicitor in North York and the Surrounding Areas

With a wealth of satisfied customers and proven success in the courtroom, Attorney Gagan Pannu is an exemplary criminal defence lawyer in North York who provides top-notch legal representation to those facing criminal or regulatory offences.

Mr. Pannu has extensive experience handling various criminal cases in multiple courthouses, from drunk driving offences to major drug-related matters. He tailors his approach to your unique needs and fights for your rights with enthusiasm.

With Attorney Gagan Pannu, you can feel confident that your legal needs are in good hands. Choose him as your dedicated legal ally for all criminal defence matters in North York and the surrounding areas.

The Crucial Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney in North York

Like any major city, North York experiences its fair share of criminal activity. According to a recent report, crime rates in York Region have been on the rise, with York Regional Police reporting a 6.5% increase in total crimes dealt with in 2021.

Given these statistics, having a seasoned criminal defence attorney in North York is more important than ever to protect yourself against potential criminal charges. Gagan Pannu, a reputable criminal defence lawyer, has a proven track record of successfully defending individuals charged with criminal offences.

Don’t leave your future to chance! Contact a trusted criminal defence lawyer in North York today to ensure your rights are protected, and your best interests are served.

Need a reliable legal representative in North York courthouses?

Let GSP Law Provide You with Top-Notch Representation

Don’t let yourself get lost in the legal system—GSP Law is here to help. We will work diligently to provide you with a strong defence, giving you confidence and security every step of the way. Start the journey towards achieving justice. Call (905) 789-7840 today!

Trust GSP Law for Expert Criminal Defence in North York

At GSP Law, we are dedicated to providing our clients in North York with top-quality legal advice and strategies that give them the best chance of success in court. Gagan Pannu is committed to ensuring that all clients receive fair representation and the support they need to protect their rights.

Commitment to Honesty

At GSP Law, we hold truth and justice in the highest regard, and we are proud to demonstrate this commitment to our clients through our exceptional service standards.

Dedicated Legal Representation

GSP Law is committed to providing every client with the utmost fairness, respect, and professional service throughout their experience.

Expert Case Analysis

As a criminal defence lawyer, Gagan Pannu has a sharp eye for detail, allowing him to meticulously analyze intricate legal matters and evidence to build an unshakeable defence for his clients.

In-depth Understanding of Criminal Law and Procedures

A thorough comprehension of the laws and regulations surrounding criminal cases, along with familiarity with the procedures and protocols adhered to in criminal court proceedings.

Exceptional Negotiation Skills

At GSP Law, we have a proven track record of effectively negotiating with prosecutors and judges, enabling us to secure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Unrelenting Dedication to Client Success

Gagan Pannu is wholly dedicated to protecting his client’s rights and interests, and he will go above and beyond to ensure their success in all legal contexts.

Choose GSP Law as your trusted criminal defence firm in North York. Rest assured that you have a dedicated and reliable ally who will fight tirelessly to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Don't Let a Criminal Record Hold You Back!

Protect Your Reputation and Secure an Inevitable Bright Future

Don’t let a criminal charge ruin your reputation and disrupt your future. Take control of the situation by contacting GSP Law today and learn how Gagan Pannu can help you clear your record.

Your Reliable Partner in All Criminal Defense Matters

GSP Law Practice Areas

With extensive experience in North York criminal law, GSP Law can provide comprehensive advice on anything related to this field.


If you face arson accusations in North York, Mississauga, Orangeville, Brampton, or nearby the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), enlisting a trustworthy criminal lawyer is paramount for protecting your constitutional rights and receiving counsel.

Assault Charges

Assault is a serious offence in Noth York, with harsh penalties for convicted people, even if no physical harm has been inflicted. If you have been accused of this particular crime, you must seek counsel from an experienced criminal defence lawyer immediately.

Criminal Harassment

Are you facing a criminal harassment charge in North York or the GTA? Don’t worry. GSP Law is here to help. Our law firm provides trusted representation that will give your case an opportunity for success. You can count on us.

Driving Charges

If you or a loved one faces driving-related allegations, reach out to GSP Law now! Our top-notch services are accessible in North York. Make sure to contact us today for the best possible legal advice.

Drug Charges

Regardless of the type or severity, a drug charge in North York can harm your criminal record and future opportunities. Should you find yourself facing accusations related to drugs in any capacity, seek legal aid from an experienced lawyer without delay for necessary assistance.

Failure To Comply With Recognizance

Ensure your rights are protected and secure the best defence possible by contacting GSP Law now if you’ve been accused of breaching a recognizance in North York. An experienced criminal lawyer will work with you every step of the way throughout this legal process.

Firearm & Weapons Charges

Having a knowledgeable and well-informed defence lawyer is crucial when facing firearms or weapons charges. These cases are often complex, particularly when other violations are involved.


Have you been wrongfully accused of fraud in North York? GSP Law is here to help defend your legal rights and ensure justice.


If you need legal representation for manslaughter cases, GSP Law is the perfect place to turn. Reach out today for help with your case.

Murder Charges

Don’t take the chance of facing extreme consequences – if you are accused of first or second-degree murder, contact our criminal lawyer right away.


Don’t let a robbery conviction ruin your life. We can offer you legal help and expertise in North York, Orangeville, Brampton, or anywhere in the GTA if you face criminal allegations. Contact us today for assistance that could make a difference.

Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual assault allegations can carry steep penalties, making it essential to secure an expert legal representative who understands your case and is committed to providing a powerful defence. Hire a reliable attorney with experience in sexual assault cases.

Uttering Threats

If you are charged with uttering threats, contact GSP Law to fight on your behalf and ensure that justice is served. We will fiercely advocate for you without hesitation or doubt.

Discovering the Criminal Defence Process in North York

If you find yourself in any part of the criminal justice system, seeking legal counsel is always recommended as soon as possible to improve your chances for success and ensure you understand what lies ahead and how to navigate the process correctly. Here’s an overview of how this works:

Everyone is eligible to obtain legal counsel through either public or private assistance, and many payment plans are available. With the right resources, appointing an attorney has never been simpler.

After detainment, you are expected to appear before the judge within 24 hours for your bail hearing, where the Justice of the Peace will decide if you can be granted release until your trial date.

Upon your initial appearance in the court of law, most proceedings will be administrative, though information regarding any lawyering you have retained is likewise gathered. If you had already employed a lawyer before appearing at court hearings, they could accompany you that same day.

At the beginning of your trial, you may be presented with evidence like police report notes and witness testimonies that could be used against you. The Crown Attorney might also mention their desired sentence as part of an early settlement – but this is not set in stone!

A defence attorney can help negotiate these terms to secure a better outcome than the Crown initially proposed.

Legal fees can often be dismissed or pleaded guilty prior to trial. To better grasp your precise circumstances, you should seek the counsel of an accomplished lawyer since each case has its nuances.

Experience the Benefits of Professional Legal Counseling Today

With GSP Law on your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will fight tirelessly to clear your criminal record and protect your future.

Answers to your Criminal-Related Questions

FAQs About North York Criminal Law and Defence

Legal fees for criminal defence can vary depending on the lawyer's experience and hourly rate. While they can be expensive, a skilled lawyer is invaluable when navigating legal challenges.

Some lawyers in North York offer block fees, providing budget predictability and transparency. If additional services are required, additional blocks will be available.

Contact us at 905-789-7840 to learn more about fees and avoid unexpected costs during your case.

When facing criminal charges, hiring a skilled lawyer can increase your chances of success in court. They can help uncover relevant laws, collect evidence, and devise effective strategies. Don't wait - call our law office today at 905-789-7840 for expert criminal advice and assistance.

Finding someone with expertise and experience in key areas is essential when seeking a reliable criminal defence lawyer in Mississauga.

Look for an attorney with extensive knowledge of court procedures and protocols, criminal cases, and the legal system. Additionally, seek a lawyer with a demonstrated track record of success in similar situations.

Hiring a criminal defence lawyer does not indicate guilt. A skilled lawyer will defend your rights, investigate the case, and challenge the evidence against you. At GSP Law, we are committed to advocating for our clients and achieving the best possible outcome. Contact us today for assistance.


What our clients are saying:

Happy Bains
Good lawyer, took care of everything and was responsive. Incredibly nice and understanding person as well, especislly with language barriers. Highly recommend to everyone
Ramnik Kaur
Mr pannu is so humble and down to earth. He is a good listener and is really straight forward and ro the point. He is friendly, smart,professional and very plesant to work with. He has empathy and works diligently to represent his clients and gets the work done in a timely manner. I am highly satisfied with the service I got and would ?% recommend him to others. Thanks for everything..
Peter Culham
I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to Mr. Pannu. Because of him the impossible was made possible. I got the best outcome I could have ever asked for. He is very professional and was always available when I needed him. He gave the best advice and because of him I was given a second chance at life .
Sean McVeigh
I was beyond lucky to have Mr. Pannu represent me as my lawyer. It was my pleasure working with him. Mr. Pannu was quick, efficient, very good at what he does. Respectable, trustworthy, and is very thorough. He made me legal proceeding painless and the results were exactly were the best. I would 100% recommended him to anyone who is seeking legal advice or looking for a trustworthy, hardworking, positive lawyer who gets things done. I will most definitely go to him if a situation ever arises again. Hopefully not, but he will definitely be my go to.
John Kennedy
I was lucky to have Gagan Pannu represent me. He was quick and effective to get me what I wanted. He went above and beyond to make sure I got what I nted as well as what was in my best interested. If you are looking for someone who is a great lawyer and also professional I would highly recommend his services.
Shelley Bullock
The most efficient and professional service ever! I would completely recommend Gagan Pannu and this law firm highly!
harleen badh
Gagan is the best lawyer and I would highly recommend him and his services. He is a very intelligent, professional, respectful and a non judgemental lawyer. He really helped me out when I had lost all hope. Thank you so much.
Raj Bahra
Mr. Pannu is the best lawyer ever. I have used his services more than 3 times. He is very professional and intelligent. I am highly satisfied with his services and recommend him to everyone who need the best lawyer.
Donna Bigeau
We were extremely satisfied with Mr. Gagan he was professional and helpful and got the job done. I will recommend him to anybody needing a lawyer.
Kyle Carter
Extremely satisfied with the service I received would recommend Gagan to anyone needing a lawyer.

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