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GSP Law understands the fear and uncertainty that accompanies DUI charges in Brampton and will assist you by carefully reviewing your case and helping you navigate these tricky waters to reach a favorable outcome for yourself.

Consuming alcohol and operating a motor vehicle is illegal in Brampton; if found guilty, one could face hefty repercussions that may impact their current career prospects and future job security. It also includes the loss of driving privileges and becoming restricted while traveling freely.

If you need DUI defense services, we can help. We are based primarily out of Brampton and Orangeville but extend our expertise to clients throughout Southern Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area, Newmarket, Milton, Mississauga, Oshawa and North York, and Kitchener and Hamilton.

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DUI Lawyer in Brampton

Brampton DUI Charges defence Lawyer Gagan Pannu prioritizes forming strong relationships with his clients to ensure they receive the most comprehensive legal representation for criminal and disciplinary cases in court. If you have been charged with a DUI offence in Brampton, GSP Law is here to help.

GSP Law is committed to exploring all potential defence options for your DUI case and fighting for justice. As one of the most trusted barristers and solicitors in Brampton, Mr. Pannu strives to ensure the best result for his clients by being detail-oriented, quick-minded, principled, enthusiastic and honest.

Different Types of DUI Charges in Brampton

Be aware that if you are arrested for driving in any type of vehicle under the influence of alcohol in Brampton, you may be charged with DUI. Under the Criminal Code of Canada, this crime can be broken into the following categories:

1. Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

When the driver exhibits signs of impairment such as slurring speech, lack of coordination, and inability to drive safely due to drug or alcohol consumption, they can be arrested for DUI without having to take a blood test to determine their exact blood alcohol level.

If the officer has cause to believe that a driver was under the influence of alcohol while driving, they must demonstrate that this person’s ability to drive had been influenced in some way.

2. Excess Blood Alcohol (Over 80mg)

The ‘Over 80’ penalty is issued whenever a driver’s blood-alcohol content surpasses the 80 milligrams of alcohol limit, which can be established using an approved Breathalyzer device.

For an officer to necessitate that a driver takes a breathalyzer examination, they must have reasonable evidence suggesting the individual has too much alcohol in their bloodstream.

3. Refuse/Fail to Provide a Breath Sample

Refusing or neglecting to submit a sample for testing when suspected of driving under the influence will be taken as an act of refusal. You will face the same repercussions as submitting an unlawful sample.

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At GSP Law, you will receive the most exceptional legal representation for Drunk Driving under the Influence charges in all of Toronto, Brampton, and Orangeville. We are dedicated to rigorously examining your case and formulating a tactic tailored to meet your defence requirements.

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Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Defences

The following are some of the potential best strategies for combating DUI:

  • In the police officer infringes upon your rights as articulated in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, all evidence collected must be declared null and void.
  • Overcoming technical issues concerning breathalyzers and the related procedures of collecting breath or blood samples;
  • Challenging the police officer’s justification for requiring a breath sample from you.
  • Questioning the police officer’s subjective judgment of impairment;
  • Depending on the facts and details of the DUI arrest, potential avenues for the challenge may exist.

It is critical that you get in touch with a professional DUI defence lawyer if you have been convicted of a DUI. Everyone has the right to seek legal counsel in such cases, and GSP Law stands ready and eager to assess your individual needs.

Penalties For DUI Charges in Brampton

The Criminal Code imposes stern punishments, including revoking driving rights, for individuals who drink and drive. These penalties are explicitly outlined and could not be more explicit in their severity.

The repercussions of a DUI can be costly; your insurance premiums will significantly increase once you’re able to drive again, plus additional fees for education or ignition interlock devices. You must also pay the license reinstatement fee if that’s not enough.

For first-time violations, minimum penalties include the following:

  • One year-driving prohibition and is subject to paying a hefty $1,000 fine.
  • If no fatalities or injuries occur and the Crown opts for a summary conviction, an offender may be subjected to 18 months in prison.

For those convicted a second time, the minimum penalties are as follows:

  • One month in jail and two years driving prohibition.
  • If no fatalities or injuries occur and the Crown opts for a summary conviction, an offender may be subjected to 18 months in prison.

For third and subsequent convictions, the following fines/penalties may apply:

  • A 10-year- lifetime license suspension.
  • A fine that will be decided based on the judge’s discretion.
  • The judge has the authority to impose a minimum sentence of 120 days in jail or more, depending on the circumstances.

The legal landscape surrounding careless driving is intricate and nuanced. A well-versed Driving Under the Influence Charges Lawyer in Brampton has a vast understanding of Canada’s Criminal Code and, most importantly, can create an individualized defence for your case.

At GSP Law, our mission is to safeguard the rights of all our clients – ensuring they receive justice under the law. Rest assured that we are prepared to vigorously fight for your defence against any possible charges made against you.

Helpful Tips to Avoid DUI Charges in Brampton and What To Do When You Get Pulled Over

Here are tips to help you avoid drunk driving charges in Brampton if you plan on drinking:

1. Don’t Sleep In The Car.

If you are caught sleeping in a car by law enforcement, they may assume that you have been drinking and issue charges accordingly.

To avoid consequences, it’s best to never sleep in your car after drinking – regardless of why the vehicle isn’t running. The fact that your car wasn’t functioning won’t be accepted as a valid excuse.

2. One Drink An Hour Is NOT A Good Rule Of Thumb.

It would be great if this were the case, but it isn’t. The way your body metabolizes alcohol fluctuates based on several factors, such as gender, weight, age, the ratio between muscle mass and fat mass, and what is in your stomach.

Consequently, if you’ve indulged in alcohol, you should refrain from getting behind the wheel. Instead, you must always have a designated driver.

3. It’s Always Better To Blow.

Despite the common misconception that “blowing over” is more harmful than not blowing at all, it is essential to blow when asked.

It’s crucial to be aware of this because the legal defences available on an “Over 80” charge are much more expansive than those available for a “Refusal to Provide a Breath Sample”. Don’t take chances with your future – know the law and stay informed.

4. Never Hit The Road Even After A Whole Night Of Sleep.

After a night out of drinking, you may think that sleeping off the effects is all it will take to be safe for the morning. However, more often than not, this isn’t so – even after a whole night’s rest, there can still be traces of alcohol in your blood.

To avoid criminal offence and ensure proper safety measures are taken, it’s still wise to use transportation such as cabs or Ubers if needed come morning time.

A Brampton Driving Under the Influence Charges Lawyer Can Help

Hire GSP Law and Gagan Pannu as your DUI Experience Lawyer and be adequately represented!

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Why Choose GSP Law as your DUI Defence Lawyer in Brampton, ON?

If you’ve been previously convicted, a second drinking and driving offence can lead to harsh legal consequences that may include jail time. You should hire an accomplished and knowledgeable DUI Lawyer with extensive experience like Gagan Pannu.

  • Meticulously evaluates criminal charges and evidence for accuracy.
  • Committed to meeting your individual needs.
  • A seasoned professional lawyer with the most comprehensive defence for all clients and legal matters, no matter what charge, in any court system.

Don’t wait any longer – protect yourself and get proper representation from a top-notch manslaughter defence lawyer today.

DUI Charges Can Be Defended.

Don’t go through your DUI case alone. Hire GSP Law to provide you with the professional representation you deserve! We understand this situation’s difficult and are here to help you.

FAQs About DUI Charges in Brampton

DUI laws are incredibly complex to navigate. Only some lawyers in law firm have the expertise needed, and even fewer specialize in them.

GSP Law stands out by providing a specialized DUI lawyer Brampton who is well-versed in this challenging field of law, giving your insight into your case that most other legal firms cannot offer.

  • Under no circumstances should you ever make any declarations in public or if a police officer is present.
  • You are entitled to silence until you have consulted a lawyer. Start looking for an experienced Brampton lawyer without delay to ensure you receive the best legal advice.

Several factors determine the total cost, generally.

  • The length of the trial;
  • The severity of the charge;
  • The amount of information necessary to inspect and analyze;
  • Beyond the court preparation, your lawyer would need to commit extra time and focus on ensuring your case progresses in the right direction.

Important Professional Disclaimer:

This website does not and cannot contain legal advice. The legal information provided on this page, especially the potential defences cited, is for general information and educational purposes only. No part of it is meant to be used as a substitute for professional advice.

Accordingly, we encourage you to consult with a professional to provide you with legal advice fit for your case before taking any action based upon such information.

GSP Law cannot be held accountable nor liable for misinterpretation of the cited potential defences for impaired driving charges, and they are not legal advice nor guidance given on this website.

GSP Law encourages users of this website to consult with local counsel or contact us for actual legal advice or guidance.

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