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In Canada, crimes involving drugs are taken very seriously. A drug conviction may result in severe penalties and prison sentences.

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Weighing of illegal drugs

Understanding Drug Charges in Canada

Drug charges in Canada are criminal in nature and can be charged against a person for simple possession, possession for the purpose of trafficking or trafficking. These charges apply to those under the four schedules of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

The penalties for drug crimes vary depending on the type of substance involved, whether it was obtained legally or illegally, and if any aggravating factors were present.

The maximum penalty for some of the most serious drug-related offences in Canada is life imprisonment.

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What Are Some Drug Offences in Canada?

Drug Possession

When someone has been found with any amount of a controlled substance they were not authorized to possess.

Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking

This offense is a significantly aggravated form of simple possession. In this offense, the allegation is that the drugs in possession of the accused were not for personal consumption, but to sell. This inference is generally based on the amount of drugs found and what if any indicia of trafficking were present at the time of finding the drugs.


Production refers to growing or manufacturing drugs.

The penalties for drug offences depend on multiple factors. Penalties may include a lengthy prison sentence.

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Man in Prison

What are the penalties for drug offences in Canada?

The penalties for drug offences can be severe. Most offences under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act are punishable by way of life in jail. Penalties will depend on multiple factors including the type of drug involved, the charges, and the severity of the overall offence. The Crown Attorney will weigh the aforementioned factors in order to make a decision with regard to proceeding by way of summary conviction or indictable.

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