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GSP is a criminal defence firm with a top-rated criminal lawyer in Toronto. Our team prides itself in pursuing all areas of defence by being fast-thinking, meticulous, motivated, sincere, and ethical to ensure we get our clients the best outcome.
We also build relationships with our clients to offer the best representation in all criminal matters, from criminal to disciplinary at all court levels. Currently, the primary areas we serve are Brampton and Orangeville in Toronto, but we also serve the greater Toronto area, including Newmarket, Mississauga, Oshawa, Milton, and North York.
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Gagan Pannu criminal lawyer

About Gagan Pannu B.A. LL.B

Attorney Gagan Pannu is an excellent defence lawyer. He articled at a prominent criminal defence firm in Hamilton and mainly focused his studies on criminal law. Mr. Pannu opened his own Law firm immediately after being called to the Bar, where he has defended many clients charged with criminal and regulatory offences.

Mr. Pannu has experience dealing with a wide variety of matters, from offences involving drinking and driving to large drug matters projects. With his practice solely focused on the individual needs of his clients, his thinking goes out of the box and he goes above and beyond to achieve a favourable outcome.

This professional and heavily experienced defence lawyer has the applicable litigious skills and possesses the necessary knowledge to defend all his clients adeptly no matter what their charges are. Moreover, he will be the only lawyer handling your case and is dedicated to catering to your specific needs.

Practice Areas

Get excellent representation by a great criminal lawyer in GTA who practices in the following areas:


If you are being charged with arson in Toronto, Orangeville, Brampton, or surrounding GTA, a criminal lawyer can help guide you.

Assault Charges

Assault is a crime taken very seriously in Toronto and it can carry serious penalties, even if no harm was caused. Contact a criminal defence lawyer immediately if you were charged with this offence.

Criminal Harassment

If you are being charged with criminal harassment and need a good criminal lawyer in Orangeville, Brampton, or anywhere in Toronto, we can help.

Driving Charges

If you need a criminal lawyer in Brampton, Orangeville, or another area in Toronto to help fight against driving charges, contact our legal team now.

Drug Charges

Drug charges can range anywhere from small amounts (possession) to large-scale trafficking. When convicted of a drug charge in Toronto, no matter how small or large, it can lead to having a criminal record. Contact an experienced criminal defence lawyer now.

Failure To Comply With Recognizance

Get in touch with our criminal defence lawyer for the best representation available if you are being charged with failure to comply with recognizance in Toronto.

Firearm & Weapons Charges

It is imperative you have a good lawyer to represent you in cases involving weapons and firearms. These cases can be very complex, especially if other charges are included.


Whether you are being charged with fraud for more or less than $5000 in the greater Toronto area, our excellent defence lawyer can help.


Our lawyer is experienced in cases involving manslaughter in Toronto, Orangeville, Brampton, and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with us now.

Murder Charges

Murder charges can carry serious consequences, whether classified as 1st or 2nd degree. Contact our experienced criminal lawyers to represent you today.


Robbery charges in Canada are very serious and should be handled by a lawyer. The charge of Robbery is often punishable by a sentence of up to life in prison. Let our skilled criminal defence lawyer help with your robbery charges in Toronto, Orangeville, Brampton, and surrounding GTA.

Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual assault offences can vary widely, including anything from consensual sex with a minor to unwanted body contact, and more. If convicted, it can have devastating consequences. Hiring a seasoned lawyer to defend you is necessary.

Uttering Threats

If you are being charged with uttering threats in Toronto, contact our law firm for help. We are ready to protect your rights and fight for you.

How Our Process Works

No matter where you are in a process of criminal law, you should always retain a criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible. Having a criminal law lawyer there to represent you can maximize your chances of getting the best outcome. Here’s how the process works:

This process involves hiring a lawyer privately or through legal aid. There are many payment options available for retaining a defence attorney.

If you were arrested and the police haven’t released you, then you are taken to court for a bail hearing where you must appear before a Judge within 24 hours of the arrest.

At the hearing, the Justice of the Peace decides whether you will be released pending trial. With a lawyer present to represent you after the arrest, your chances of being released under reasonable conditions are maximized.

The First Court Appearance mainly involves administrative actions, whereas disclosure is obtained that indicates whether you hired a lawyer. If you have retained a lawyer privately before your first court appearance, your lawyer will most likely be able to attend court with you

All the evidence intended to be used against you related to the charges is disclosed by the Crown Attorney, which may include witness statements, notes from the police, photography, etc. This initial disclosure usually indicates the sentence the Crown will seek for early resolution before the trial.

These positions are usually negotiable and a defence lawyer may be able to help obtain a better outcome than what was suggested by the Crown.

In most cases, the charges are resolved before scheduling a trial, either by withdrawing the charges or by pleading guilty. Every case is different, so speak with an attorney to find out more about your specific circumstances.


What our clients are saying:

“Gagan is the best lawyer and I would highly recommend him and his services. He is a very intelligent, professional, respectful and a non judgemental lawyer. He really helped me out when I had lost all hope. Thank you so much.”

Harleen B.

“Mr. Pannu is the best lawyer ever. I have used his services more than 3 times. He is very professional and intelligent. I am highly satisfied with his services and recommend him to everyone who need the best lawyer.”

Raj B.

“Best lawyer ever, used his services twice and both times did a fantastic job, very professional and friendly. Goes out of his way to please his clients with the best results. Highly recommend him and will refer him to other people.”

Steven S.

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