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In Canada, it is illegal to threaten another person. Uttering Threats charges are a common charge. Get represented by an experienced uttering threats lawyer. Call GSP Law to get your case evaluated.

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What is an Uttering Threat Charge in Canada?

The Criminal Code of Canada defines the charge of Uttering Threats as;

Everyone who commits an offence and who, in any manner, knowingly utters, conveys, or causes any person to receive a threat

  • to cause death or bodily harm to any person;  
  • to burn, destroy or damage real or personal property; or  
  • to kill, poison, or injure an animal or bird that is the property of any person.  

In order to be found guilty of uttering threats, the Crown Attorney does not have to prove that the complainant even took the threat seriously. The courts look at whether a reasonable person, fully aware of the circumstances, would perceive what was said as being a threat.

Nor does the accused have to carry out the threat or intend the recipient to hear the threat. an intention that the threat be taken seriously, or an intention to intimidate the recipient is enough to find an accused person guilty of uttering threats.

If you’ve been charged with Uttering Threats anywhere in Toronto, Brampton, Orangeville, and the surrounding GTA, we can help guide you through the complex and stressful process that lies ahead.

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It is important to obtain an expert criminal lawyer to counsel you when faced with a charge of uttering threats.

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Why Choose GSP Law as your Uttering Threats Defence Lawyer in Brampton, ON, Canada

  • Seasoned and experienced criminal defence lawyer
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FAQs About Uttering Threats in Canada

You should contact a lawyer immediately. Call GSP Law right away and get assistance from a skilled Uttering Threats lawyer.

The context in which the threat alleged to have occurred could be crucial in determining how the case against you will be resolved.

A threat can be defined as words, written messages, or actions that can cause bodily harm, death, damages to property or more.

The fact that a person did not intend to execute an act of violence or make good on the threat is irrelevant.

Yes. You don’t have to verbally communicate threats to be charged. The threat may be expressed in a number of different fashions. Physical actions can also constitute the uttering of a threat.

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